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Dell Technologies- Podcast Series

Dell Technologies asked for our support in creating enablement assets for their EMEA team to use as part of their ongoing product launch campaigns. The assets were to be created centrally and then adapted for local use – given the change in content consumption over the pandemic, podcasts were an obvious choice!

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The turnaround time was tight – we had just 3 weeks in which to ensure we developed, produced and delivered the podcasts in time for the launch.  The episodes focused on the top IT challenges for customers, new product enhancements being launched and the benefits that these provided.  They also needed to be available in local language for five different markets in Europe.

We designed each episode so that it could either be used as a stand-alone item or slotted into an existing podcast series at a local level. To pull the content together we collaborated with both the product and field marketing teams to record and edit in each language required: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. 

Our team briefed the Dell Technologies teams, recorded and edited each of the five podcasts in local language adding intros, outros and audio branding to make the final product a highly professional and polished production.

The podcasts were then seeded within the main podcast distribution channels and made available for the local field marketing teams to use as they wished.

The outcome:

The initial statistics for the number of downloads and engagement have been great with the French and the UK markets outperforming the other three on listening figures.

In general, statistics for corporate podcast downloads and listening are much lower than in the leisure and entertainment arena, but we are seeing this increase every month as more and more employees look to consume content in different ways.  With the new home office environment, gone are the days of being glued to your desks, people want to be able to learn from and understand new content conveniently whilst on the move.

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