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Podcasts are a series of episodes that are delivered via audio, similar in form to radio programmes, but with the key benefit that they are played at a listener’s convenience. Until 5 years ago they were predominantly for personal use, however there has been a significant rise over the past 18 months for consumption of B2B content in this format as more and more people are focusing on flexible working.

We are delighted to have added podcasts to our product portfolio. Over the past 12 months we have delivered a number of podcast series for our clients with fantastic results. Below are just some of the benefits that we have seen first-hand through our most recent campaigns:

  1. Getting personal with your audience – a podcast communicates directly with the listener, engaging them in a content journey that they have chosen to take.
  2. Flexibility allows for multi-tasking – with home-working becoming the norm, podcasts allow the listener to consume content and continue their learning whilst fulfilling other tasks such as walking the dog or making dinner for the family – regaining some of that life-work balance.
  3. Developing thought-leadership content – interviews with customers and industry experts provide the perfect opportunity to create additional thought-provoking content that can be repackaged for further use within blogs, articles, whitepapers, social channels and events.
  4. Getting closer to your customers – many of our podcasts have featured interviews with customers. People find it easier to give up half an hour to participate in a chat, than to write a contribution to an article or blog. They also see it as a compliment to be asked – a great way to further develop your relationships.
  5. Driving engagement through discussion – our producers learnt their trade as journalists, broadcasters and radio producers working for some of the most prestigious brands including the BBC – they know how to really create an entertaining production that will have the audience wanting more.
  6. Podcasts are surprisingly cost-effective – a series of six can have an outstanding reach, create customer loyalty and provide a perfect platform for engagement at a very low cost-per-listener.

For further information on podcast production, please contact the team at or call us on +44 (0)330 460 6007, alternatively fill in our enquiry form

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