Digital Campaigns

With people unable to attend shows and meet face-to-face during the pandemic, the drive to engage via social channels has increased exponentially. Whether you are new to engaging through social media, looking to rework your existing strategy, or wanting to target a new audience we can develop a campaign that generates leads and ensures they remain engaged.

We will work with you to define your social media strategy, build out a content plan, identify your brand advocates (both internal and external) and manage your ongoing campaign.

Paid Social 

Paid social helps your content get views without having to rely on constantly changing organic platform algorithms. It is fantastic for building brand awareness, increasing your social following, growing web traffic and generating leads. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering paid social campaigns – we will plan, implement and report on any type of advertising campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Typical campaigns will include awareness building, thought leadership content delivery, message and conversational advertising and direct lead generation.

When I wanted to get a new set of industry roundtables off the ground, OE organised absolutely everything – sourcing speakers, running a paid social campaign to drive registrations, and arranging a professional write-up for our blog. Fantastic series of events, and lots of leads for sales. Thank you!

Regional Marketing Manager EMEA – PagerDuty

If you know the sectors you want to target and the job function that would be interested in your product, or even an example of your current prospect base, then we can definitely help.

Social Content and Asset Creation

Once you have decided upon your campaign strategy, our team will develop your monthly social media kits to ensure that they engage with your audience on every step of their journey towards becoming a customer. These kits include; social media posts, templates, graphics, video assets, podcasts and publication links for your ongoing campaigns.

Community Building 

One of the biggest challenges with an online community is the time it takes to produce refreshing content that keeps the group engaged, prompts discussion, and encourages collaboration. That’s where our team at OE comes in. We will provide you with a dedicated resource that conducts regular research, develops thought leadership content and maintains a regular rapport with the members of the group, responding to questions and driving the discussion so that the forum becomes a thriving community. Get in touch today at to understand how we can help you.

Social Media Training 

Everyone within the organisation should be a brand advocate on social media to increase social reach, build trust and provide continuous engagement with your target audience. Typically employees have 10x more followers than corporate social accounts, but many are nervous to share or pass comment for fear of giving out the wrong message. We can provide social media workshops for your sales, marketing and product development teams that will empower them to feel able to champion the cause.

For more details and to discuss your bespoke requirements please get in touch via email at or via our enquiry form, alternatively call +44 (0)330 460 6007.

We would love to help.

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