Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing relies on strong collaboration with sales to identify key customer attributes that can support a very targeted approach to generating new prospects. This can apply to expanding sales reach within existing customers as well as creating leads amongst organisations that you haven’t worked with before, that share the same key characteristics.

Strategy planning and consultancy 

We can help you define your buyer personas, build out your typical customer profile and then support you to create content and engagement opportunities that will drive growth within existing accounts and deliver new opportunities within similar prospect organisations.

85% of marketers found ABM advanced retaining and expanding existing client relationships *

*Source- Marketo

Corporate networking & social activities 

During the pandemic when all sales have been conducted virtually, our sister brand Outsourced Events has been delivering online networking opportunities that have really strengthened relationships and driven engagement. Currently held in the virtual environment but equally translatable to a live format, these include:

  • Wine / beer / gin tastings
  • Coffee / cheese / chocolate experiences
  • Gaming evenings
  • Curated art gallery tours
  • Interactive cooking demonstrations with celebrity chefs

For more account based marketing engagement ideas please do get in touch via email on or call +44 (0)330 460 6007.

Customer Engagement 

According to Pareto’s principle 80% of sales come from just 20% of customers. This highlights the importance of maintaining strong customer engagement particularly amongst key accounts to ensure stability and encourage growth.

Personalised ABM Campaigns

Developing personalised campaigns designed to engage each account that addresses specific pain points with your messaging and imagery, will serve to further strengthen relationships and reinforce credibility.

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