Outsourced Explores: The Future of the Workplace

In this episode we explore the changing landscape of the workplace. Yasmeen Khan is joined by Alexandra Sibley, Outsourced Events’ co-founder and Director, and Nick Smith, IT & Digital Operations Director at 1000heads. Nick’s wealth of technical knowledge and job role offers expert insight to what the future could look like and how the discussion should be driven.

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Topics include:

  • Cultural and business model changes brought on by the pandemic
  • The expanding role of HR
  • Technology’s role in facilitating WFH and hybrid working
  • Creating a healthy work/life balance for yourself and colleagues/employees
  • Employee productivity
  • The third space
  • Sustainability and responsible commuting
  • Inclusion and equality
  • How companies and individuals are affected by not working in an office

Our Expert Guest

About Nick Smith

Nick has over 20 years experience in the IT and media sector. He is an accomplished IT and Security Professional with exceptional experience in leading and delivering technical support, cyber security controls, project delivery and strategic management for a variety of leading companies. With excellent technical and leadership skills and a passion for technology.

About 1000heads

1000heads is a marketing agency that looks to help brands to get their stories to travel further and faster, building sustained relationships and advocacy as they go. They have experience across multiple sectors including Telecommunications, Travel, Retail, Media, Finance, Automotive and FMCG.

They are a Top 30 UK based Elite Agencies 2021 ranked by The Drum UK Digital Agency Census.

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