Introducing Outsourced Explores and Our Host

Coming (Very) Soon…

They say practice what you preach and we thoroughly believe that the immense power of podcasts cannot be underestimated. It is with this sentiment we are very proud to announce that we will be embarking on our own series…Outsourced Explores!

Produced in partnership with our sister company Outsourced Engagement. Over the span of five episodes, some familiar voices from the Outsourced Events team, will be joined by a number of expert guests to discuss hot industry topics of today! Whether you are in the events industry, tech industry, work for an Association, Government Organisation or NGO – our podcast offers snappy insight to real issues faced by businesses today and the solutions for the future.

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Our Host

Every podcast needs a host, and a successful podcast needs a great host. We are very fortunate to work with Yasmeen Khan; an experienced and award-winning radio presenter, writer and performer. Throughout this series Yasmeen takes listeners on a guided tour of the biggest discussions in industry today alongside our expert guests. We marry Yasmeen’s years in broadcasting and media with her experience in the B2B sector, her concise approach ensures you are never lost on this journey of exploration. 

Yasmeen Khan

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